Ashley’s Ice Cream

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The Sweet P’s family proudly offers ASHLEY’S® ICE CREAM. We chose delicious Ashley’s ice cream because of its quality, great reputation and the love that goes into the locally hand-made gourmet ice cream.

For more than 30 years in a row, Ashley’s has won Best Ice Cream in New Haven Advocate’s Readers Poll. They wear this badge proudly and thank all those folks who keep voting for ASHLEY’S.

Sweet P’s is very thankful to ASHLEY’S® ICE CREAM for choosing us to be the ones to offer their delicious gourmet ice cream!

How does Ashley’s make their Ice Cream?

Seven days a week, five gallons at a time, they churn fresh cream with generous amounts of pure vanilla, real chocolate and fresh berries to produce the sinfully richest, creamiest ice cream you’ve ever tasted.
Many ingredients are locally grown and picked at farms such as Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford.  Fortunately, they even have family in Florida to send them the juiciest mangos for a special summer flavor. Ashley’s adds no preservatives or artificial colors. You can taste the freshness. Natural flavors, natural coloring, it’s naturally good!
From the beginning Ashley’s goal has been to make the best ice cream possible, and they continue to do that today over 30 years later!
They never use any artificial colors or flavors. All natural, fresh ingredients lead to naturally the best ice cream! 
ASHLEY’S® ICE CREAM was founded in 1979. Being avid frisbee players, they became enamored with Ashley Whippet- the famous frisbee catching dog. So their name was born, and if you ever visit their mother locations you will see their walls decorated with hundreds of frisbees they’ve collected ever since. ASHLEY’S® ICE CREAM originated in New Haven in 1979 on College Street, just steps away from the dormitories of Yale University. It didn’t take long for the crowds, accolades, and awards to start filling the store; so much so that a second Ashley’s opened on the other side of campus on York Street, where they still are today! They’ve even been fortunate enough to serve some famous alumni and students such as several past Presidents, Academy Award nominee Paul Giamatti, and many other actors including James Franco, Jordana Brewster, and David Duchovny. Although New Haven will always be where their roots are, other locations in the area soon followed.